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Downtown Santa Cruz

Surfrider Café is a relaxed atmosphere eatery, with a focus on having the best burgers, beers and shakes in Santa Cruz.

Surfrider Café features gourmet hamburgers, a large selection of craft beers, over the top comfort foods, appetizers and old fashioned milkshakes made with Marianne’s ice cream. Our menu focuses on having the best burgers, beers and shakes in Santa Cruz. We also serve what we call “California beach cuisine”, an eclectic mix of fresh, organic, sweet, savory, local and down home delicious food.


Established in 2009, Surfrider Café is family owned and operated, and we believe our employees are as important as our customers. Through our community benefit nights we’ve donated almost $9000 in our first year of business to local schools and non-profits. We’ve owned a microbrewery & restaurant in Santa Cruz county for over twenty years, and we also brew under the moniker of Santa Cruz Brewery.


Craft Beer on Tap
Gourmet Burgers
Specialty Sandwiches
Old Fashioned Milkshakes
Over-the-top Comfort Food
Killer Fish Tacos
Fresh Baked Sourdough Bread
Gluten-free Buns
Vegan Options
Homemade Desserts
Happy Hour Daily
Kids Menu
Homemade Desserts
New Menu Specials each Month
Most Dinners Under $10

As Seen on the Travel Channel’s show Food Paradise! Watch video.




429 Front Street
Santa Cruz, Ca



SUN-THURS 11:30 am to 9:00 pm
FRI-SAT 11:30 am to 10:00 pm

Open daily for lunch & dinner


Our Delicious Story

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All meats are served with house pickles

Fish Tacos

Wild caught Alaskan Cod. Grilled & Topped with sweet peppers and onions. Served with jalapeño aïoli and fresh salsa.

Avocado Fries

Wedges of fresh avocado rolled in Japanese bread crumbs. Then fried to golden crisp. Served with our homemade jalapeño aïoli.

Coconut Crusted Prawns

Hand battered in coconut milk and rolled in coconut flakes. Served with a sweet and spicy dipping sauce.

Thick Cut Garlic Fries

Skin on wedge fries fries tossed with roasted garlic, herbs and parmesan cheese.

Warm Spinach & Artichoke Dip

Cheesy and delicious. Served with our homemade sourdough bread.

Grilled and Fried Chicken

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Enjoy 50% OFF on all drinks


Happy Hours

Every Thursday, 4PM7PM


They all love our food

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  • Best Blender with Single Serve 2020 Reviews

    In this busy world, the blender is one of the useful appliance which almost used in every house but people are searching for the Best Single Serve blenders in 2020.

    Actually, many of the people have small families and they want to blend some smaller amounts of ingredients then big blender not works well if you have small quantities.

    Sportsmen like swimmers or those who are going to the gym used this blender in their kits because they want some fresh juices and these single-serve blenders easily make delicious juice or smoothie within seconds.

    But people are not finding what exactly they want and which brand is best in this kitchen appliance so we are here with the buying guide for a blender with single-serve.

    All these models have a great number of positive customer reviews. Firstly check what you require and read all the product reviews and select the best one for you and hope so it will helpful for you and save your time.

    List of Top Rated Best Single Serving Blender in 2020

    • Ninja BL480 Nutri Ninja with 1000 Watt Auto-IQ Base for Juices
    • Ninja Nutri Pro Compact Personal Blender, with 18 Oz. and 24 Oz.
    • NutriBullet ZNBF30500Z Blender Combo 1200 Watt
    • Nutri Ninja Blender with FreshVac Technology BL580
    • Nutri NINJA BL455 Professional Blender 1000 watts
    • Ecpurchase Portable Blender USB Rechargeable, Small Blender Single Serve
    • Magic Bullet Blender 11 Piece Set

    Best Blender for Single Serve Smoothies

    #1. Ninja BL480 Nutri Ninja with 1000 Watt Auto-IQ Base for Juices Review

    NINJA BL480 personal blender comes with a powerful motor of 1000 watts that blend and chopped items in seconds with a sharp detachable blade of stainless steel it works with high efficiency and performed excellently to extract powerful nutrients and vitamins from vegetables and fruit to prepare a healthy drink for all the family members

    This machine has auto IQ technology that combines three features (time pulsing, blending, and pause) in one to do work for you and breaks down food and seeds for powerful vitamin extraction. Nutria ninja pro extractor blades rotate at high speed to blend solids evenly.

    You can enjoy liquefying, purees, smoothies, juices, shakes, mint margarita, cold coffee and beverages at home by just adding ingredients in a blender and push it down to switch on or start making and release the cup up to stop the mixing.

    The digital countdown timer shows how much time is left on the appointed Auto IQ program also counts the blending time period while using two-mode manual speeds.

    Nutri Ninja BL480 is designed to do work efficiently and provides mouth-watering drinks with sturdy nutrient and vitamin extraction at the touch of a button.

    Moreover, it includes additional cups of 18oz and 24oz, spout covers on the go sipping, pro extractor blades, and recipe booklet. Also consist of 4 option switch button, pulse button, blend, and ultra-blend button equipped with auto IQ feature.

    In conclusion, ninja BL480 is a perfect household kitchen product to make healthy drinks full of nutrients and vitamins with a powerful motor of 1000 watts in seconds you don’t have to wait for hours just like a conventional blender. Enjoy your life by getting this valuable machine at your home.

    Notable Features:

    • Having dimensions of 15.5 x 6 x 6 inches
    • The powerful motor of 1000 watts
    • Weight of ninja BL480 is about 5.6 pounds
    • Holds an auto IQ feature
    • Pro extractor blades to extract nutrients
    • Digital countdown timer
    • Additional cups and spout lids
    • Ninja personal blender is very easy to use
    • Base of the blender can be wipe through damp cloth
    • You can place it anywhere
    • All components are BPA free
    • Digital timer aware about time for next task
    • Capable of 4 prong blades
    • Durable and efficient machine
    • Little bit noisy
    • Warranty is only for 1 year

    Best Single Cup Smoothie Maker

    #2. Ninja Nutri Pro Compact Personal Blender, with 18 Oz. and 24 Oz. Review

    Nutria ninja pro BL456 is a countertop blender with detachable four stainless steel blade and powerful motor of 900 watts that is the main key to make smoothies or liquefy full of nutrients and vitamins in a very short period of time.

    Therefore, now you can enjoy chopped ice, mixes, smoothies, pulps, shakes, crushed fruits, and vegetables in seconds by just having this excellent nutria ninja pro compact blender BL456 at your home as the best kitchen product.

    It is easy to use and super easy to clean as this blender is dishwasher safe. Make great smoothies and blend solids conveniently. Although the design of nutria ninja blender is pretty cool you just have to put your targeted item in a blender cup and press the cup down to blend your ingredients and it’s already in your cup ready to eat or drink.

    Moreover, it houses two additional cups one is of 18oz medium size and the other is of 24oz large size cup which provides multiple servings to all family members. One speed setting, two spout and sip lids, pro extractor blades assembly, owner-manual, and an instruction book also. All the parts are BPA free.

    One of the most enhancing features of this blender is that it extracts nutrients and vitamins. Also does not leave any kind of chunky material and chopped the goods with consistency moreover breaks down food, vegetables, and seeds perfectly without adding any liquid.

    To conclude, you can say that nutria ninja blender is a magical and beneficial blender for your health as it extracts all the hidden nutrients and vitamins from fruits. So get this amazing personal powerful blender at you and make your life full of ease and comfort.

    Notable Features:

    • Having a powerful motor of 900 watts
    • Maximum capacity in a cup is of 24 ounce
    • It has a weight of 8.82lb
    • Compatible height of 8 inches
    • It comes with width and depth of 5.5 inches
    • All the parts are BPA free
    • Not only crush things also blend, chopped, and grind the foods easily
    • Pro extract blades that separate all nutrients and vitamins from fruits
    • Dishwasher safe
    • Blend all food with even consistency
    • One speed settings to switch
    • Crushes all veggies and fruits
    • Having multiple cups for ready to drink
    • Low noise during usage
    • Better quality blades
    • Having no measurement marks
    • Little bit heavy base of blender

    Best Single Serve Compact Blender

    #3. NutriBullet ZNBF30500Z Blender Combo 1200 Watt Review

    Nutribullet ZNBF30500Z is a special kind of blender that is similar to typical blenders but can be work as a food processor also means it not only make smoothies cocktail, sauces, pulps, and fresh juices but also chop, grind and puree all kind of food.

    This machine extracts nutrients with extreme flexibility of both a multi-serving pitcher and a single-serve cup along with nutribullet ZNBF30500Z blender combo.

    It has a power base of motor 1200 watts that make everything from smoothies to soups and grind solid food evenly and many more things.

    Moreover, the pitcher of the blender is the best countertop and portable travel cups make your trips and picnic full of easy by relish delicious liquefy. You can make drinks by just adding targeted ingredients in a pitcher and can perform other tasks efficiently or start gossiping while blending fruits and vegetables.

    One of the most valuable features of Nutribullet blender is that you can get your meal full of nutrients with this remarkable blender combo. Its powerful motor operates tasks quickly and blends the chunks of food evenly by sharp stainless steel blades.

    Equipped with three speeds options of extract, pulse, and power button. Extract speed button evolves three sub-option of the low, medium, and high functions with these facilities you can prepare your meal according to your choice.

    You can make smoothies, soups, sauces, nut butter, and many more meals by a powerful motor of 1200 watts. Having a 64oz blender with visible measurement marks and holding a lid. It includes a tamper, 32oz cup, and 24oz cup with lids, extractor blade, and a booklet of different recipes.

    All the parts of the machine are BPA free. In short, Nutribullet ZNBF30500Z is a magical tool for your kitchen and you can enjoy two types of functionality in this one machine and enjoy yummy drinks in a short period of time and make your life full of ease by getting this gadget.

    Notable Features:

    • Extract nutrients from fruits and vegies up to the next level
    • Consist of a heavy base holding powerful motor of 1200 watts
    • Having a perfect tamper to press the ingredients in a blender
    • Additional accessories include two cups of 32 and 24oz
    • Long-lasting BPA free pitcher with visible measurement marks
    • Extractor blades of stainless steel
    • Cups are made of the high impact plastic
    • 8.70 meter long in length
    • Cleaning process only take few seconds
    • It can be use easily
    • Break the ingredients completely
    • Can perform tasks in a short period of time
    • Pitcher has a maximum capacity of 64oz
    • Can be get in affordable price
    • All the parts are dishwasher safe
    • Special nutrient extractor blades
    • Cups are not mark with measurements

    Best Ninja Single Serve Blender

    #4. Nutri Ninja Blender with FreshVac Technology BL580 Review

    Nutri ninja blender BL580 is a superb blender with an extremely powerful motor of 1100-watt and equipped with fresh vac technology that provides you with healthy drinks full of vitamin lust which is specially designed to make long-lasting drinks that usually ruins after an hour by traditional blenders. Also, the piercing blades of stainless steel make smoothies with a fine texture/

    You can make all kind of liquefy at home like strawberry juice, mango juice, shakes, cold coffee, smoothies, fruits pulp, min margarita, crushed ice, lime juice, and slushes simply by just adding ingredients in a blender as it is household with AUTO-IQ functionality you can combine 2 two programs timed like pulsing, pausing and blending for superlative results.

    As compared with the previous models of Nutri ninja blenders this BL580 uniquely separated vitamins and nutrients from fruits and vegetables. In addition, with this, it also pumps the oxygen out and locks the vitamins inside the cup.

    Moreover, fresh vac technology produce velvety soft texture of smoothies, vibrant color, and rich flavor you just have to fill the cup and pump the oxygen out from the vessel which normally ruins your food by just touch the button and enjoy a fresh and delicious meal at home.

    Having two additional cups of 24oz that make enough drink for large family members, and Spout lids for instant journey plans, picnics, and on the go convenience it works efficiently. Also, very easy to use add the jar and organize the pump on it.

    No doubt, we can get extracted nutrients and vitamins richly by this Nutri ninja BL580 so what are you waiting for grab your blender for your family to make them relish smoothies with full of healthier and beneficial vitamins.

    Notable Features:

    • Comprises of the powerful motor with 1100 watt
    • Equipped with AUTO-IQ  technology
    • Additional cups of 24oz
    • Pump the oxygen out
    • Unlock the vitamins inside the meal
    • Having a cord of 2.8 feet
    • Digital counter to see how much time is left for next option/processing
    • It has two spout lids for trips
    • Consist of freshvac technology
    • Extremely easy to use
    • Having no pain in cleaning process
    • Make drinks full of vitamins and nutrients
    • Produce vibrant color smoothies
    • Can be take anywhere
    • Drink will be fresh till 8 hours after makingy
    • It requires less space
    • All the parts are BPA free
    • No visible measurement marks on cups

    Best Personal Single Serve Blender

    #5. Nutri NINJA BL455 Professional Blender 1000 watts Review

    Nutri Ninja BL455 blender empowers with a motor of 1000 watts and blend all the solids evenly in seconds as it houses a sharp stainless steel blade that extracts nutrients from all fruits and vegetables and provides with a healthy meal with a little effort.

    Now you can get your favorite drink at home by just adding required ingredients in a blender and just press switch button you may also engage in conversation and your liquefy prepare at that time. Its sharp blades break down entire food, fruits, veggies, ice, and all other things easily.

    It includes additional cups along with a motor base one cup is 24oz and the other is 18oz and one cup is 12oz. Moreover, a 24oz cup has a maximum capacity for liquefying items and perfect for large family members. Two sip and seal covers for cups, an instruction book, and Nutri ninja cups can be taken anywhere on a trip, picnic, and journey anywhere you want.

    In comparison with Nutribullet blender the only difference is of motor Nutribullet has 1200 watts of power but Nutri ninja BL455 blender has a motor of 1000 watts. All the parts of Nutri ninja blender are BPA free and made of high impact plastic. Therefore, it can be wash easily as it is a dishwasher safe kitchen hold gadget.

    In short, you can say that nutri ninja BL455 is a kitchen expert or liquefy expert gadget that makes your life full of ease and enjoyment by getting this marvelous item at your home.

    Make your breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner amazing by making fresh and delicious smoothies, juices, desserts, and a mint margarita on your own that’s why it is one of the best blenders for margarita.

    Notable Features:

    • Having perfect dimensions of 16 x 14 x 12 inches
    • Comprises of the powerful motor of 1000 watts
    • Include additional cups of 18 and 24oz
    • It holds the maximum amount of liquid for a big family
    • Sharp stainless steel blades
    • 2 sip and seal lid for cups
    • Dishwasher safe product
    • All components are BPA free
    • Working with nutri ninja is so easy
    • It is a portable and efficient machine
    • Additional cups can be take anywhere on the go
    • Cleaning process of this blender is quite easy
    • Available at affordable price
    • One of the durable kitchen gadget
    • Produce less noise
    • You can see the processing while machine are doing its job
    • Having no measuring marks on cups
    • There is no button to control it is start or stop by pressing it down or releasing up vice versa

    Best Cheap Portable Single-Serve Blender

    #6. Ecpurchase Portable Blender USB Rechargeable, Small Blender Single Serve Review

    A portable blender USB rechargeable liquidizer is an amazing product which you can take anywhere and make delicious smoothies easily in a few seconds by just adding targeted ingredients in a portable blender and press switch button to start blending in order to make liquidizer.

    This portable single-serve blender is an assemble of food-grade PP and ABS material. All the components are BPA-free. Moreover, non-toxic and eco-friendly machine. You can relish fresh nutrient retention and marvelous spare time.

    One of the most captivating features is built-in rechargeable Lithium Batteries which gives you a chance to make drinks anywhere without having a proper place or specified area having an electric switch.

    With deep-rooted battery and USB lead, this super-Efficient portable blender can be charge easily by different sources like portable computers, USB devices, and power bank.

    By having this miracle blender you can travel on your journey with enjoying delicious smoothies, pulp, juices, and shakes. It consists of three dimensional 6 stainless steel blade for magnificent stir or mixing. Their sharp blades perform 22,000 revolutions per minute that shatter fruits, solids, vegies into astonishing smoothies.

    Moreover, it does not have any residue behind in a blender just like a conventional blender. Also, execute multi-functions in a short time period. Very comfortable for traveling at distant places or for picnics you can adore fresh drinks outside too.

    In the end, it is right to say that a portable blender provides you the ease of making, using, and cleaning by separating the bottom and body you can wash it easily.

    Get this gadget and turns your life in a comfort zone by enjoying fresh smoothies anywhere. If you are a vegetable lover so best blender for vegans is one of the best buying guides for you.

    Notable Features:

    • Made of high-quality food-grade PC material
    • A fine strainer at the top
    • SUS304 six  stainless steel blades of three dimensions
    • Having a powerful motor at the base
    • Capable of led indicator that shows the working signal
    • Charging port is at the bottom to charge it when the battery is low
    • Consist of built-in lithium batteries
    • It has a capacity of 400 ml
    • Use of portable blender is quite easy
    • Perfect for travelling
    • You can place or take it anywhere
    • Small in size and light in weight
    • Powerful gadget runs with lithium batteries
    • Cleaning up is so easy
    • Not make enough smoothies for large number of people at once
    • Difficult to blend big batches

    Best Small Single Serve Smoothie Maker

    #7. Magic Bullet Blender 11 Piece Set Review

    Magic bullet blender is such a fantastic kitchen product with fast-moving stainless steel blades and a high torque power base of 250 watts that blends the ingredients smoothly and serves superbly to perform distinctive mixings.

    Now you can enjoy different smoothies, sauces, dips, omelets, snacks, shakes, margarita, guacamole, raspberry sorbet, pesto, coconut smoothie, frozen margarita, hummus, salsa, bruschetta, and tomato soup at home with this magic bullet blender.

    This is an efficient blender set that includes a blender, blending cups, stainless steel blades, and recipe book also. It does not only blend things also have multi-functions like grinding, chopping, and whips fruits and vegetables or any other solid eatable.

    Moreover, using a magic bullet blender is so easy that you just have to add your chopped items in a cup then bolt on the cup top with the blade you want to use and set it on a magic bullet base now simply thumb down on the cup to turn it on and release to turn it off.

    One of the most enchanting features of this blender is having a replacement of cups and blades which you cannot do in a traditional blender. As there is no doubt you are blunt out of using conventional style blenders. So magic bullet blender is your best countertop companion.

    Having a compatible size and uniquely designed to work efficiently and prepare your meal in a no time as it works fast and time-saving kitchen product it consumes only a few seconds to blend, chop, whip, and mince the meal. Blending cups are made of high impact plastic and the base of blender consists of a high-speed motor that saves time, energy, and effort.

    In short, a magic bullet blender is a magical blending machine as it prepares dessert in seconds. Make your life trouble-free by having this miracle kitchen product at your home.

    Notable Features:

    • It offers 250 watts of power
    • 13 piece blender set includes recipe booklet also
    • Having a compact size
    • Using this blender is so easy
    • Crushes solid ingredients like ice, vegetable, or frozen goods.
    • It includes blending cups with high impact plastic
    • Consist of additional accessories
    • Time-consuming machine
    • It serves multiple tasks like chopping, blending, and grinding
    • Cups are made of the high impact plastic
    • Dishwasher safe
    • Portable you can take it anywhere
    • Affordable having low cost
    • Small in size
    • It does not blend hot food
    • Having no measurement marks

    Also Check: Best food processor for kneading dough
  • Top 7 Best Food Processor for Kneading Dough 2020 Reviews

    People are searching the kitchen gadgets because they want to save their time and many of us searching about the best food processor for kneading dough in 2020.

    Especially those people who are bread maker wants this machine for kneading the bread dough otherwise it is the best kitchen appliance for the daily use.

    With the help of a food processor, you can’t only kneading the dough but also do different tasks like chopping or grinding the vegetables, make different types of salads that can use on a daily basis.

    But people are worried about how to purchase the top model which fulfills their needs under their budget because many of the food processors are premium quality which worths the money but everyone doesn’t afford this.

    So after a long researching period and testing, we make a list of top models that have a good number of quality reviews for that task and all of these models have affordable prices that can buy easily.

    Before purchasing any model you need to analyze which is best for you means how many family members you have and which type of food processor looks elegant on your kitchen countertop.

    So, give some minutes on this article you can easily find the best food processor for you after review all the top products of food processors.

    Cuisinart DLC-10SYP1 088 Food Processor 7 cup – Best food processor with Dough Blade

    If you are searching for the food processor who is good at kneading the dough so why not purchased that food processor who comes with dough blades.

    So we are here with that machine which especially comes with dough blades and you can easily kneading the dough within a few minutes. This model name is Cuisinart DLC-10SYP1 088 which offers the 7 cup capacity.

    The overall capacity of this machine is 7 cups but if you need a perfect result of liquid ingredients then firstly add 3 cups and after that add more and if the ingredients are dry then you can easily process 7 cups of ingredients.

    If you are doing only chopping and slicing then a small watt motor is enough for this task but if you want to knead the dough so you must need a powerful motor and this food processor comes with a 600-watt motor which can easily perform all your functions in this mini food processor.

    Cuisinart DLC-10SYP1 088 Food processor is all in one machine which comes with a variety of blades and discs that can perform your different tasks at the same time.

    Shredding disc and medium slicing disc are made with stainless steel and blades variety are chopping blades, mixing blades, and dough blades for making the dough.

    By adding more, the safety feature is one of the good addition in this food processor which means if you are not assembling this machine correctly then it won’t start.

    More items like detachable disc stem, spatula compact flat cover, recipe book, and a large feed tube come with this machine. A large feed tube can good for holding the whole fruits and vegetables at one time.

    Notable Features:

    • 7-cup capacity
    • 600-watt powerful motor
    • Two stainless steel discs
    • Chopping and slicing blade
    • Dough blade
    • Large and small pushers
    • Recipe book
    • Spatula
    • BPA free
    • Easy to wash
    • 3 and 5 years warranty motor
    • Compact design
    • Good for crushing nuts and kneading dough
    • Powerful motor
    • Incudes recipe book
    • Not enough for making a big meal
    • Not good for crushing the ice because it can scratch the work bowl

    Braun FP3020 12 Cup Ultra Quiet Food Processor – Best Food Processor for making Bread Dough

    Many of the food processors come with big noise motor which irritates the people during making any meal but this model Braun FP3020 offers the ultra-quiet food processor which performs well like other food processors but it doesn’t have loud noise.

    This machine comes with 12 cup capacity which means it can easily hold 12 cups of dry ingredients and 9 cups of wet ingredients.

    A 600-watt powerful motor is used in this food processor for chopping, slicing, and kneading the dough. Motor power is enough to get the best result for grinding things like vegetables and fruits.

    It can save your time for doing different tasks at the same time as slicing, shredding, dicing, and mixing different types of ingredients. For slicing it offers the slicing disc while on the other side for shredding it comes with shredding disc.

    Moreover, other accessories like S blade, kneading disc, whipping disc, ultimate kugel potato latkes blade, and citrus juicer attachment also comes to performs different tasks.

    If we check its safety features then we come to know that its processing bowl locks onto the motor base. If you don’t close its lid properly then this machine will not start.

    Braun FP3020 has a speed setting from 1 to 15 which is good for crushing hard things at high speed and soft things at low speed. All the parts of this food processor are easily removable and easy to clean and dishwasher safe except motor

    Overall, it is the best 12 cup food processor which is ultra-quiet and performs many tasks in a single machine.

    Notable Features:

    • 12-cup work bowl capacity
    • Powerful motor of 600-watt
    • S blades
    • 2 Shredding disc
    • 1 slicing disc
    • Ultra-quiet motor
    • Pre-set speed function
    • Easy to store anywhere in the kitchen
    • Save your energy
    • No loud sound of motor
    • Design is compact
    • Dishwasher Safe
    • S Blade
    • Multi-tasker machine
    • One year limited warranty
    • Motor base is not a dishwasher safe

    Cuisinart DLC-8SBCY Pro Custom – Best Food Processor for Making Dough

    So our top recommended product in this list belongs to the Cuisinart brand and as we know Cuisinart manufactured many of the premium kitchen appliances for their customer which can save their time and used in different tasks.

    Cuisinart DLC-8SBCY is one of the best 11 cup food processors which can make enough dough for a large family. It comes with extra-large feed chute which can easily hold the whole fruits and vegetables for chopping or mixing.

    Also, two types of pushers come with this model which performs its duty in different types of small or large foods.

    The motor is one of the essential parts of every food processor machine because a more powerful motor gives the more perfect and fast result. So this food processor comes with a 625-watt motor which is good for kneading the dough.

    Moreover, its blades are very sharped and it also offers the two slicing discs one is a thin 2mm and other is 4mm slicing disc which is good for slicing different kinds of vegetables and fruits.

    Blades are performs its duty well during chopping or mixing the ingredients but if you want the add the dough blade you must buy it separately. Stainless steel shredding disc is one of the great addition in the food processor for doing different tasks.

    Notable Features:

    • 625 Watt motor
    • 11 cup work bowl
    • Extra-large feed tube
    • 2mm and 4mm slicing disc
    • Stainless steel shredding disc
    • Compact flat cover
    • Comes with spatula
    • Two pushers are included
    • BPA free
    • Powerful stainless steel blades
    • Feed chute is large
    • Comes with recipe book
    • 3 years unit warranty
    • 5 years motor warranty
    • Usage and cleaning process is easy
    • Powerful 625 watt motor
    • Space are not enough for a big family so you must need to buy the 14 cup food processor
    • Some customers said its safety switch doesn’t engage

    How To Select the Best Food Processor for Dough Kneading

    For selecting the food processor for kneading dough you must need to analyze some basic points which food processors contains.


    When you buy any food processor it is necessary to check the capacity of the work bowl. If you have a big family so pick the minimum 14 cup food processor or if you have a family of 4 person you need to pick the 10-cup food processor.

    For a newly wed couple, 3-cup work bowl is enough for mixing or chopping different kinds of vegetables or making juices.


    Motor is one of the major point when you are searching for the food processor which kneading dough perfectly. Slow power motor doesn’t performs well for kneading dough but performs food for chopping or grinding the ingredients.

    According to our research we recommends the minimum 600 to 700 watts motor for making bread or pizza dough or any kind of dough.

    Even weak motors can’t easily handles large balls of dough and due to large time of running motor its coils burn out so must pick the big watt motor which can handle the dough easily.


    Picking a good name brand food processor is worth your money because well-known brands may be slightly big in prices but it can offer what you need with a good quality and durability.

    Top brands like Cuisinart, Black & Decker, Oster, Hamilton Beach, KitchenAid are the top recommended brands in kitchen accessories so must pick your food processors in these brands which worths your money.


    When you are searching for the food processor for kneading dough you must check the food processor which comes with dough blades. These types of attachments are useful for getting the perfect result.

    Different sizes or types of blades are offer by the different brands so must check which attachments are useful for you and pick that one.

  • 10 Best Blenders for Margaritas 2020 Reviews & Buyers Guide

    Are you margarita or sift drinks lover and want to buy the best blender for Margaritas in 2020 but don’t know which one is best for you?

    For making the margarita drink first think must check its blades because when the blades are sharped it can crush the ice properly and you can drink the margarita.

    But everyone wants the blender margarita according to their desired so we can review different products which have good selling in the market and every margarita lover likes these machines.

    Our top-rated best blender for margaritas in 2020 are listed below. You can easily purchase after reviewing the products.

    List of Top Rated Best Blender for Margaritas 2020

    • Ninja 400-Watt Blender/Food Processor (QB900B)
    • Ninja Professional 72oz Countertop Blender with 1000-watt base (BL610)
    • Ninja Smart Screen Blender With 1000-watt Base (CT650)
    • Margaritaville DM0700 Bahamas Frozen Concoction Maker
    • Margaritaville Tahiti Frozen Concoction Maker DM3000
    • Margaritaville Bali Frozen Concoction Maker with Self-Dispensing Lever
    • Nostalgia MSB64 64-Ounce Margarita & Slush Maker

    #1. Ninja 400-Watt Blender/Food Processor (QB900B)

    Ninja 400-watt blender QB900B is extensively designed for even chopping and perfect frozen blending.

    Best mincing dicing chopping blending and pureeing machine specializes as an anti-spill splash guard.

    Avoid direct contact with water on a power head, use damp cloth or swipes for cleaning the machine.

    Fixed/stalked chopping blades are much safe for keeping such an appliance at home.

    Machine available in a silver-colored plastic body. Extensive, no-slip bases and flaps on the pitcher and grinder keep the whole thing firm and clean.

    For additional handiness, storage lids are incorporated to keep your nutrition fresh whereas all removable parts are dishwasher-safe.

    Notable Features:

    • 48-ounces pitcher size
    • Dimensions 70 x 122.5 x 110 inches
    • 400- watts motor
    • 2-conventional size jars
    • 16-oz chopper bowl
    • 4-pound product weight
    • Easy flip pour spout with slip-free base
    • 2-cup Processor minces, dices, chops, blends and purees
    • Chopping Blade Assembly, Chopper Splash Guard
    • Best blades even chops the animal breed
    • A pulsing machine by design
    • Best for making protein shakes
    • 2 jars
    • Blades not suitable for crunching all sorts of veggies

    #2. Ninja Professional 72oz Countertop Blender with 1000-watt base (BL610)

    The Ninja professional blenders BL610 are the power pack high-quality blender with an efficient performance rate. Incredible for crushing blending pureeing your favorite ingredients in no time.

    It has got booster 100 watt motor with six stainless steel blades to chop the frozen vegetables and fruits, turning them to your desired concoctions.

    Nutrients enriched drinks strengthen your stomach and improves your digestion. Ninja can keep all the vitamins and essential of your foods.

    Perfect for ice crushing, merger, pulping with controlled processing exceptionally crushes ice and frozen fruit in a wink of an eye.

    Frictionless pitcher/ base of the product ensure the safety and durability with easy washing. Blades are not detachable so ensure the guard of the children at home whereas the blades are stainless steel so much of the beverages can be rejoiced for years.

    Furthermore, it has got automatic shut off facility if not in use for a while so that the electric power is saved and machine doesn’t damage.

    Easy to make smoothies shakes beverages with fruits nuts vegetables just in a single go. Powerful blades will turn chunks, bringing splendid drinks, protein shakes and even squashes for you in minimum of time consumption.

    Available in black/ silver shades. See-through transparent lid with pulse functionality.

    Most importantly, it’s spare parts are easily washable with a damp cloth or dish wash as per your choice.

    Additionally, Storage wraps available and manual attached in packaging.

    Notable Features:

    • 1000 watts motor
    • Speedy crushing blades with a sleek design.
    • Professional jar accumulates 72 ounces in length.
    • Liquid capacity up to 64 ounces per serving.
    • Six stainless steel blades which are non-detachable
    • BPA-free
    • Spare parts easy to wash with a damp cloth or dish wash.
    • LED electronic controls panel, visible in dimmest of light even.
    • Frictionless base with comfortable handles
    • Technological smart lid improves pouring without waste.
    • Metal and plastic used in manufacturing are durable.
    • 3-speed setting.
    • Ninja Professional 1000-BL6103 has dimensions as width up to 6 inches, length up to 17 inches, whereas product weight 7 pounds.
    • Overload protection available
    • One year warranty
    • Latest safety locks
    • Durability
    • Warranty for a year
    • Transparent lid with long and sleek jar
    • Easy wash
    • Strong body
    • Availability in market easily
    • Costly, for having a single jar
    • Resistance in jar blades very often

    #3. Ninja Smart Screen Blender With 1000-watt Base (CT650) Review

    This 1000-watts strong motor blends easily rough and tough fruits, veggies and even nuts. Likely less suitable for carrot and some green veggies, keeping chunks no matter how long you may run the machine.

    Best suitable for frozen foods grinding and making slushes out of them.

    Heated liquids are not suitable for the machine so avoid there contraction to the product.

    Removable blades mostly face fixing problem at 45 degree. So it’s a bit complicated machine for common users to assemble and use.

    Plastic used for machine is not of a very good as plastic is not temperature resister often causing cracking.

    Ninja Smart Screen Blender CT650 have 72’oz pitcher amazingly shaped to make maximum servings per round.

    Available in black color only. Easily washable but need much care while dishwashing to avoid cuts and wounds due to sharp blades.

    Notable Features:

    • 1000-watts power pack motor
    • Spontaneous easy clean blender with Mylar buttons
    • 72’onces pitcher capacity.
    • 4 pre-set programmed machine work on tapping touchscreen.
    • Time display available
    • Tall and sleek jar.
    • 6-stainless steel blades, removable.
    • Dimensions as 17.32” / 10.82” / 8.86”
    • Best at ice crushing
    • Good for chopping veggies and salad mixers
    • Powerful motor
    • Removable blades
    • Blade design not suitable for safety features
    • Produces average quality smoothies

    #4. Margaritaville DM0700 Bahamas Frozen Concoction Maker Review

    Comprises of power bank 450 watts motor with super speedy moving blades.

    This easy go-no brain machine has high mixing and blending capabilities in lesser time and greater quantity in 36 –oz jar. Best concoction like pina Coladas, margaritas and daiquiris.

    It customizes the setting shave only or blend only feature to create a drink exactly of your choice.

    3-pitcher adds ice per jar as per needed automatically.

    The machine weighs 17.7 pounds only so it’s easy to carry and move even along your travels and tours.

    To use this machine is easier- just pour your concoctions inside, turn on the mixer and pour the juice within seconds into your glasses to rejoice the drink.

    Bahamas offer one year warranty on the product.

    Furthermore, it’s amazingly designed to wash and wipe the machine without hurdles. Are you a vegans lover or need the best blender for vegans so must check our buying guide.

    Notable Features:

    • 450 watts motor
    • Dimensions 11”W / 22”H / 16”D
    • Liquid capacity per cycle 36-ounces
    • Removable parts with stainless steel and plastic
    • 3-pitcher reservoir for ice.
    • 10-12 number of drinks per pitcher.
    • Manual controls and capacitate jar.
    • Light weight product
    • Easy controls and feature
    • Easy to carry because light in weight
    • 450 watts powerful motor
    • 1 year warranty
    • Weak durability

    #5. Margaritaville Tahiti Frozen Concoction Maker DM3000 Review

    The Margaritaville Tahiti Frozen Concoction Maker is your permit to a healthy and strong stomach. With it’s three independent blending positions, it blends 72 ounces of frozen drinks each in no time.

    Six automated drink sets manufactured to chop ice and blend juicy Margaritas, Coladas, Daiquiris, Smoothies and Mudslides, Mojitos. Melting ice is directed into a rearmost reservoir to dodge watery drinks and ensure thick concoctions of your desire.

    Ultimately it has got the capability to blend a variety of restaurant-quality frozen drinks at the press of a button. The smooth-shaven ice is the key to commercial quality drinks, you do not need any more ice chunks or watery drinks.

    The Tahiti”s spinning ice chute will amuse your visitors and become the blistering theme of discussion for long times.

    Tahiti is extremely easy in use. Solely fill in Jar/ tank with ice, pour your desired ingredients into the merger jars and, with the push on to the button, the automatic Shave-N-Blend wheels generate up to 72 ounces of thick perfect frozen drink, entirely delicious just in one easy step.

    Furthermore, a massive capacity ice basin beholds enough of the ice to make up to 144 ounces of frozen drinks and dense duty die-cast gears keep the machine working everlasting. Whereas, all the merger jar components are easily washable.

    Notable Features:

    • It has got three 24- ounce jars making 72-ounces of frozen drinks each cycle.
    • Got rotating ice chutes.
    • Manufactured from premium bamboos polished with aluminum.
    • Stainless steel.
    • Easily washable, di-cast components.
    • 700-watts of combined blending.
    • Shipping weight equals 30.4 pounds
    • Item weight 29.8 pounds
    • Durability
    • Sturdy Parts
    • Easy controls
    • Easily washable
    • Breakable jars
    • Supplement jars not available easily in the markets

    #6. Nostalgia MSB64 64-Ounce Margarita & Slush Maker Review

    With existing 200-watt motor this slush maker smashes the ice to now within a minute. Two way rotating motor as double rotating system.

    Having maximum loading capacity up to 64-oz. Heavenly designed to prepare smoothies, slushes and all kinds of beverages.

    Sleek body shape, broad base unit with detachable dip tray and a cup rest will keep a balance of the glass for each serving.

    Easily accumulates 6-7 servings each time the machine is turn on.

    Also consists of water junction box that helps in better pouring and convenient spilling of frozen drinks.

    See-through container body allows you to monitor the drink with ease.

    The machine is easier to clean without any technical trouble.

    Notable Features:

    • Dimensions 7.8” 17.6” 8.1”
    • 200-watt powerful motor.
    • 64-oz slush capacity container.
    • Smooth spout dispense.
    • Detachable drip tray and cup rest.
    • Machine weight 9 pounds.
    • Small size appliance.
    • Water junction box.
    • Strong motor junction
    • Easy to operate
    • Solid metallic and plastic body
    • Low quality white color tends after several years

    #7. Margaritaville Bali Frozen Concoction Maker with Self-Dispensing Lever DM3500 Review

    Bali Frozen Concoction maker DM3500 has 4 pre-programmed controls to make margaritas, Coladas daiquiris, and smoothies. Suitable for making alcoholic drinks and slushes as well.

    Non-alcoholic drinks like ice tea mocktails and lemonade can also be created at this single machine. 

    Having pitcher along comfortable gripping lever attached with transparent lid and ice reservoir at the top.

    The control panel is set up right vertically at a corner with buttons ON/OFF, blend/shave and power light.

    Ice chute available directs ice from the ice chamber to the main vessel. Whereas ice melting reservoir at the base unit separates the melting water from the ice and prevent its mixing with blending vessel.

    Machine is not suitable for hot exposure or food items, so temperature variation should be avoided.

    Available in brushed metallic base, refined stainless steel and white add-ons.

    Removable spare parts, ensure better cleaning and washing of the machine with wipes or dis wash.

    Notable Features:

    • Capacity jar -60 ounces, including 6-7 drinks per pitcher.
    • 2-portion jar- main vessel and remix channel for ice.
    • Competitive manual shaving and blending controls.
    • Stainless steel body polished with premium quality.
    • 4-tier programmed drinks guaranteed e.g Margaritas, Coladas, Smoothies, Daiquiris.
    •  Removable high-quality blades.
    • Dimensions 12.7”/ 18.7” / 22”.
    • Shaving paddles.
    • Durability up to 4-years
    • Machine does not start unless properly organized at start up
    • 4 pre-set program makes it easier at usage
    • 60 ounces big jar
    • Large in size, occupies much space
    • Limited 1 year warranty

    Buying Guide for best Blender For Margaritas

    Here are some essentials that you must ponder at before buying any juicer for you concoction making. These key points will help you choose the best product among all for you margarita chills.


    The best concoction maker must possess a motor from 700-1000 watts so that it can chop and blend all types of fruits, nuts, veggies and ice can be crunched to ice chute for slush.

    Motor with 700+ watts has less lightly chances to sting the wiring system of the machine.

    It is more convenient for slicing and cutting herbs.


    Sharp and detachable blades are much preferable then lighter attached blades to ensure best crushing and bending of the ingredients used for the preparation of any kind of a concoction.

    They should be de-attachable so that better be cleaned with causing cuts and wounds in the jug of the juicer.


    Buyer should choose machine with minimum of a one year warranty so that if any damage or fault appears in the machine it should be serviced without paying at least for a year. Please ensure the security before making a purchase.


    Make sure before you buy a product it has all its attachments in the package.

    It doesn’t lack any indispensable part of the machine.

    Make sure it has got auto-ON/OFF in-case of emergency. Auto locks should be ensured.


    Suitable design includes 2-3 jars with 7-8 servings per jar.

    This is useful when conducting a party and hangouts with friends and family members.

    This will save your time in making your desired concoctions and spend high quality time with people around you.

    Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Margarita Concoction Makers.

    How long does a machine take to mix the ingredients?

    It depends upon how strong the motor a machine carries. It is most reliable if the machine has about 700-1000 watts capacity to ensure better chopping of the stuff.

    How many drinks be served per take from any Margaritas Machine?

    At every turn of the machine, about 7 glasses must be served easily.
    Most machines have 2-3 jars to ensure time-saving while making margaritas.

    How could service of a machine be carried out if needed?

    Before buying a product from the buyer please ensure how do the servicing process be carried out and what duration does it allow the purchaser to ask the service of the machine by the company.
    It’s better to choose a machine offering you a warranty up to 1 year of least.

    Does all Margaritas concoction maker include de-attachable blades?

    Well, not all machine carries the same design that has de-attachable blades but it’s better to choose one that offers you de-attachable blades for better washing of them and avoiding wounds.

    Has machine got ice chute box?

    The most machine has ice chute sections separately but it is as per the requirement of the buyer to choose the machine accordingly.

  • Best Blenders for Vegans 2020 [Reviews & Buyers Guide]

    Are you looking for the best blenders for vegan in 2020?

    Blender is one of the most useful and necessary appliances for every kitchen because it can save your time and give quality results.

    Blender is used for chopping your different types of foods and vegetables. You can make smoothies of different vegies but vegetable must contain water because blender is not usually designed for chopping nuts or making the dough.

    Vegetables that contain high-water content like tomatoes and onions are perfectly ground in a blender but if you want to chop potatoes then blender is not for you.

    best blenders for vegans

    Blender doesn’t come in big size so usually, it can easily fit anywhere in your kitchen. Most probably blender is the best friend of many youngsters who are going to the gym and they want some veggies smoothies.

    For making the vegans everyone must need the best blender for vegans and we know the market is very competitive and they don’t give proper instructions on how to select the best one for our daily use.

    After big market research, we are here for you and make a list of best blender for making vegans.

    Go to our list which we described below and after that check all the reviews of different products in which my team briefly explained the features of different models that are good for vegans.

    Check which one looks more pretty in your kitchen and make your desired smoothies in a small time and pick that one.

    List of Best Blender for Vegans 2020

    • Hamilton beach Power Elite blender (58148a)
    • Ninja professional Countertop blender with 1100-Watt Base (bl660)
    • Blendtec Designer Series Blender, WildSide Jar– Black
    • Vitamix 5200 Blender professional-grade self-cleaning 64 oz container

    #1. Hamilton beach Power Elite blender (58148a)

    Everyone needs the best blender for their kitchen and many brands offer different services. Hamilton is also one of the well-known brands in kitchen appliances which can offer many premium features products.

    Here we discuss one of the top class blender in the market whose model number is 58148a which comes with the many advanced features.

    Hamilton Beach 58148a comes with a powerful motor of 700 watts which can not only good for vegans but also good in ice crushing. It means you can blend any type of frozen fruit and drink what you want.

    Hamilton Beach Power Elite is a multi-function blender that comes with 5 buttons that is easy to control. Plus point is it has 12 blending functions which are used for making different items like in drinks it can use for a creamy milkshake and other then drinks these functions are used for making different sauces or purees.

    This machine has a 40 ounce BPA free jar with a lid and stainless steel blades which are long-lasting.

    This powerful machine can easily create smoothies, shakes, veggies, and many other items that you want to drink. Also, it comes with a Wave-action system that gives you a smooth result whenever you used this blender.

    Usage and control of this machine are very easy you just need to put all the ingredients in your blender and then add some liquid and blend it.

    But if you want perfect results for making smoothies you firstly need to put water first in the jar then add other fruits or vegies which you want. In this way, you can see how many more ingredients want to make thick smoothy or if it is already too thick then add some more liquid.

    Hamilton beach Power Elite blender is easy to clean. All the blades are removed during the cleaning process and Jar, blades or lid is dishwasher safe so don’t need to worry about how to clean this machine after use.

    The best thing is it comes with 3 years warranty well this machine is durable and efficient in working for making any kind of drink.

    • Wave-Action system is good for getting the smooth result every time
    • Easy to control its options
    • Performs different functions at a time
    • 3 year warranty
    • Easy to clean because blades are removable and other items are dishwasher safe
    • Easy push button 12 blending functions
    • Durable
    • Weight of glass jar is heavy

    #2. Ninja professional Countertop blender with 1100-Watt Base (bl660)

    Our second choice in the best blender for vegans is Ninja Professional blender B1660 which performs its duty well in blending different items.

    Ninja pProfessional blender bl660 has a powerful motor of 1100 watts which is good for blend the frozen products. If you have ice and you need snow for making smoothies then this blender is a perfect choice which can perform this function in a few seconds

    It comes with two 16 ounce Nutri ninja cups which are good for a single serving or making a personal smoothie every day and 64 Ounce liquid capacity is good for making the drinks at a one time for a large family.

    This blender has 3 speeds and one pulse button to control the big container

    Ninja Professional Blender comes with 6 blades that perform its duty well and quickly crush the items into dips or drinks. Even these blades can turn the hardest ice into snow within seconds.

    It is easy to clean the blender after the use because it is dishwasher safe and its parts are BPA free but you just need a brush for blades because its blades are very sharp.

    If we check its outer look so we come to know that it has a stylish pitcher and it is easy to fit on your countertop.

    Overall, this blender is good for those people who want a superior blender in an affordable range with a powerful motor, sharp blades and family-sized container.

    • Powerful motor of 1100 watts
    • Sharp Stainless steel blades
    • Affordable price
    • Versatile machine
    • 2 single serve cup
    • Dishwasher Safe
    • Big Container
    • 1 year warranty
    • BPA free
    • 2 foot long cord
    • Little bit of noisy
    • 17 inch tall so sometime fitting issue in your kitchen

    #3. Blendtec Designer Series Blender, WildSide Jar– Black

    You need to make vegans and smoothies but you are tired of reviewing different blenders which can’t perform according to your desired but we are here for a best-ever model to fulfill your desire.

    This brand name is Blendtec and it comes with premium quality features that can make smoothies as per your requirement.

    This machine comes with 8 speeds control which you can use during processing. You can utilize this feature for making different kinds of drinks, appetizers, and desserts. Even you can make ice cream with this use of this blender because soup and ice cream needs the same blender.

    Moreover, Blendtec Designer Series Blender comes with some more features like it automatically identifies how much speed needs this ingredient because some of the items blend at a lower speed and others require a high speed.

    Size of this blender is big and it can make family-sized meals. Its container contains the 90-ounce container which can enough for making every item for a big family.

    As you know blades play an important role in every blender and its blades are made from stainless steel. If we check its blades deeply so we come to know that its blades are cold-forged are turned so it can handle every type of ingredient like in the vegan meal you just need to grind the grains so it can perform its duty well. These blades are too much power and you can make your delicious shakes or smoothies as per your desired thickness.

    Many of the blenders are heat up during processing because it doesn’t have good airflow but this one makes you happy because of it designed for professional and long term use. Its airflow system can cool the motor during long time processing. This point makes this machine more long-lasting and you can run it for a long time.

    Furthermore, its motor is 1560 watts which is very fast and good for any heavy ingredient. Cord length is almost 3 feet which are large enough and good for multi-user.

    The usage and cleaning process of this blend is very easy due to its better design than others. The cleaning point is one of the top features which every user required and the user must clean their blender for the next use.

    If you want easy cleaning then you just need to fill up the jar with water and a few drops of dishwashing liquid and start the machine for just a few seconds.

    • Good for preparing large meals
    • 90 ounce container
    • 8 variable speeds
    • Self-adjusting speed
    • 1560 watts powerful motor
    • Stainless steel blades
    • Airflow system is uniquely designed
    • 8 years warranty
    • Sometimes issue when you make things in small quantity
    • Expensive then other

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