Vitamix 5200 Vs 5300 – Detailed Difference & Comparison

Vitamix is a brand which is known as a family business started by the Barnard family in 1921, they make blenders for all kinds of consumers such as for restaurants, cooking shows, or hospitality industry, etc.

The most amazing about Vitamix blenders is that they blend your soups so perfectly and make it hot as you don’t need to transfer your soup into another utensil to bring its temperature high.

We all know Vitamix produces quite expensive blenders but buying their expensive blender totally worth the price as they are very durable products. Vitamix’s 5200 blender is quite popular among people as it is the most recommended blender but if you want a quieter version and with a better cooling system you can buy Vitamix 750.

Vitamix 5200 VS 5300 Blender

Both of the blenders have been produced by a well-known company Vitamix so, 5200 model is older than 5300 as both have different qualities. When a company introduces a new model people mostly find it useless and uninspired as some companies just the color and model number and just through it in the market as their new product.

Here in case of Vitamix company they actually produce new models with adding new innovation in them.  if you are thinking which one is better than the other? Or which one you need to buy? Then this article is must be written for you, below there are similarities and differences presented to answer all your queries regarding those blenders.

Comparison Chart Of Vitamix 5200 & 5300

Vitamix 5200Vitamix 5300
1- Height is 20.5 inches
2- Blade Width 2 inches
3- Cord Length 6ft
4- Motor Horsepower is 2
5- Container Capacity 64 oz.
6- Controls 2 switches + Speed dial
7- Pulse; NO
8- High Speed Toggle; Yes
9- Ambient Air Flow
10- 7 years warranty
Height is 17.25 inches
Blade Width 3 inches
Cord Length 6 feet
Motor HP is 2.2
Container Capacity 64 ounces.
Two switches + a speed dial
Pulse; Yes
High Speed Toggle; No
Cooling Fan built-in
7 years warranty

Differences and Similarities Between Vitamix 5200 Vs 5300

Every Blender has its own differences which make them superior or inferior to other blenders, whereas some may have little similarities also as every blender works for the same task of mixing, blending, or slicing.

Here are some differences and similarities between Vitamix’s 5200 and 5300,

  1. Vitamix 5200 has the motor power of 2 Horse power whereas 5300 has comparatively little more HP of 2.2.
  2. Both of them have the same electrical cable of six feet.
  3. Vitamix 5200 has the option of variable speed on the other hand 5300 has the option of Pulse.
  4. Each of the models has the option of an adjustable speed dial for blades.
  5. 5300 is 25 percent wider than 5200 but smaller is height as the height of 5200 is 20.5 inches and height of 5300 is 17.25.
  6. The noise of the motor in both is the same.
  7. Vitamix 5300 comes up with a better cooling system for the long run than 5200.
  8. Both come with a tamper to push down the ingredients, and both offer the self-clean mode.

Comparison in Detail

  • Motor
  • Container
  • Blades
  • Controls
  • Pitcher

Motor, both have designed with high functionality and durability, but the motor in 5300 is little high in power than 5200. Whereas being 2.2 HP doesn’t have much difference with a 2 HP motor. This will just present the results little quicker than 5200 blender, but it doesn’t have much difference.

Container, Vitamix 5200 and 5300 have a different design for their 64- ounce, BPA free containers. 5300 container has a low profile which is suitable for an average sized cabinet and it is wider with a glossy look whereas 5200 is quite tall than an average-sized cabinet.

Blades, there is just a slightly difference between the blades of both blenders as they almost work similar and with perfection. Both of them are made with stain less steel material and can cut anything like frozen fruits. The size of 5300 blade is larger than 5200 but with just an inch, 5200 blade is 3 inches long and 5300 blade is 4 inches.

Controls, 5200 has quite simple controls whereas 5300 has similar controls to its predecessors. There is a speed dial in 5200 which is placed in the middle of motor base through which you can adjust the speed. The same speed dial is present in the center of the model through which you can adjust the speed.

Vitamix 5200 doesn’t have a pulse button where as in 5300 there is a pulse button present in it. Pulse button gives you the comfort to give a small burst to your salsa without blending the ingredients into nothingness.

Pitcher, Vitamix 5200 has a 64-ounce container which is quite tall in length and narrow in width. This narrow feature allows you to blend a small number of items without spreading the ingredients too thinly. Even though the container has a good height when you attach it to the motor it gets higher.

Hearing negative about 5200’s height, Vitamix decided to come with a container in contrast to 5200. Vitamix 5300 is wider than in 5200 but has the same capacity as 5200 of 64-ounces. With this Vitamix has to lengthen the blades too to make them reach the food present in the container.


Both the Vitamix blenders have great qualities but also have small flaws. In Vitamix 5200 the most notable flaw is that is its height that it is quite longer than an average-sized cabinet. However, if you have good space in your cabinet with good length then buying Vitamix 5200 never be a bad decision and you will take advantage of its narrow container design.

As the thinner design will allow you to blend ingredients more perfectly and also easy to blend small quantity ingredients more easily. The numb act was done by the developers for not adding the pulse button definitely points it as negative.

Vitamix 5300 is quite a powerful blender in the market nowadays, as its upgraded motor, lengthened blades and wider pitcher all confirm that your food item will come out smooth and well blended.

The only negative drawback comes about this that you need to buy a separate container for smaller batches as it will hard to blend small quantities in it, anyhow this blender won’t make you regret buying it.

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